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Project Name:Qiyun Tree House World In Huangshan
Project Location:Huangshan
Area:7 buildings
Construction Unit:Shanghai Zhenyuan Timber Structures Engineering Co., Ltd. (ZY Timber)
Project Brief:
The Tree House Of Huangshan is hidden in the beautiful scenery ofMount Huang, providing a better place for the busy people in the city to get close to nature, relax and cultivate themselves.
Huangshan Tree House, is elaborately built by the architects and skillfully integrated with the natural environment, presenting different shapes with different characteristics, showing the simplicity and freshness of nature from inside to outside. The climate in the mountain is humid and rainy, so it has higher requirements on the anti-corrosion and anti-insect properties of cabins.
The western Canadian red cedar used in the Huangshan Tree House not only has a unique aromatic odor but also has natural corrosion resistance, which has the same noble and extraordinary quality under its noble appearance.