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Project Name:Automobile Exhibition Hall Haerbin
Project Location:Haerbin
Area:1280 ㎡
Construction Unit:Shanghai Zhenyuan Timber Structures Engineering Co., Ltd. (ZY Timber)
Category:Exhibition Center
Project Brief:
This Car Exhibition Hall is located in Harbin, which is known as the Oriental Paris. The whole building was designed by foreign designers, and the structure was further designed and installed by ZY Timber. This exhibition center attracts the public's attention with its sense of strength and simplicity, and has become the new standard building of the domestic exhibition center. The extended and exposed wooden structure forms another segmentation with the steel structure, while maintaining the continuity of the field of view, highlighting architectural features. The structure of the building is a steel-wood frame structure with a total height of 9.8 meters and a maximum horizontal span of 36.7 meters. 
The main structure of the project is designed for a service life of 50 years and the building structure grade is level 2. The whole exhibition center is made of imported Douglas fir glulam with large dimensions freedom, which can meet the requirements of large span. All column legs are connected by pre-embedded anchor bolts,with base top height of -0.300m, and the Q345 material anchor bolt is used.