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Project Name:Shanggu Shuijun Club
Project Location:Huailai
Construction Unit:Shanghai Zhenyuan Timber Structures Engineering Co., Ltd. (ZY Timber)
Project Brief:
The exterior of the building is made of Canadian Red Cedar, and the all-wood structure creates a fresh and pleasant natural atmosphere. The architectural style is based on modern style of Nordic, which inherits helm roof and sloping roof, and a large area of lighting glass and modernist steel structure have been added on this basis. The whole space is spacious, tall and simple with shock power.
Architectural decoration is a simple and graceful, and the interior and exterior of the entirety have been decorated with natural texture of wood.The soft color and exquisite texture achieve the magnificent visual enjoyment and ventilation effect of the building, which gives people the feeling of simplicity and freshness.
The construction date of the project is in winter and the local daily average temperature is below zero.The wind power is often above Grade 3, which brings some obstacles to the construction.In order to ensure the time limit for the project and the personnel security, the construction team has formulated the professional technical proposal for winter construction, and the joint point of glulam beam has been accurately processed, thus it can finish the construction on time within the construction period.